Es gibt ihn frei im Internet zu lesen, zu verfolgen und auch einzutauchen. Das Erwachen, “Awakening”, Die Regeln, Grundsätze und auch Mächte eines Psi Vampirs. Der Vampir Kodex, in gewisser Weise eine Bibel, Anleitung, der anderen Art.

Der Vampir Kodex

Es sind keine Regeln, wie ich sie schon vorher im Black Veil beschrieben habe. Es ist gewissermaßen alles, was man darüber wissen muss. Michelle Belanger hat es zusammen gefasst. Wer sie ist, muss man nicht erklären. In meinem Artikel über Psi Vampirismus, habe ich sie schon erwähnt.

The Vampire Codex is a document written by occultist and psychic vampire Michelle Belanger for use as the instructional text of House Kheperu ( The prototype of this work was first set to paper in late 1991. A specially printed version was offered to select students in conjunction with the International Society of Vampires beginning in 1995. Later revisions led to the Sanguinarium edition, published by the Sanguiarium Press in October 2000. This version is derived from the Sanguinarium edition which also came to be circulated widely on the Internet.

The Vampire Codex has had a significant impact on the worldwide community of psychic vampires, becoming the fundamental text used by numerous Houses, Orders, Covens, and Clans. It has influenced the teachings of vampire groups throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe. It has also come to the attention of several noteworthy occult organizations, including the Temple of Set, the IOT and the Church of Satan. (Peter Gilmore, current head of the Church of Satan, expressed his disappointment at Michelle’s absence at the New York City release of “V” as he wanted her autograph on the special edition of the Codex released with that work).

As the Kheprian Order has continued to expand and reveal deeper and more complicated levels of its teachings, the Codex has continued to grow since its first underground releases. A special edition written for the Order of the Strigoi Vii was released as book two of “V” October 2003 by in conjunction with Aangel Publishing. An expanded, revised edition will be published by Weiser Books in the fall of 2004. This will be the definitive edition, featuring 108 individual sections broken up into divisions which address psychic vampirism, basic energy work, and advanced metaphysical techniques. The version below has come to be known as the Vampire Codex: Internet Edition and is freely and widely shared with any and all interested parties. It is derived mainly from the 2000 Sanguinarium edition, although it includes a few sections originally left out of that published edition.(


Man kann also sagen, es ist einer der Grundsätze, sogar der Ursprungstext der modernen Zeit, die sich ab der Mythologie wiederfindet.

Auf The Vampire Codex finden sich etliche Texte, wie auch auf der Seite des House Kheperu, dessen Gründe ebenso Michelle Belanger ist.

Interessant in gerade unserer Zeit ist ein Artikel über das “Energie” empfangen aus Verbindungen. Ich bin vor kurzem über einen Artikel gestolpert, der über Vampire auf Facebook schreibt:

The vampires of Facebook

Could it actually be dangerous to connect with everyone you ever knew?

In psychic workshops, they teach you all about cords.

Cords that bind. Cords that connect. Cords that can invigorate as well as consume, excite your spirit and yet also leech life from your very soul, cords made of simple psychic energy that run like invisible cables straight from your heart and your mind and your various energetic G-spots straight out to the world, and back again.

But most of all, they run straight into other people. Or from them, straight into you. It happens all the time, every day, in every interaction you have, psychic energy instantly passing between individuals as you move through the world and through your thoughts and memories and dreams, energy cords established even over long distances, phone calls, handshakes, gropings, co-ed showers, not to mention fantasies, hatreds, unwanted desires and just about everything in between. It’s just what we do.

Usually the cords last only a short time before fading away, a constant swarm of insta-circuits made and broken, effortless and normal — just the everyday thrum of life.

But not always. Energy cords are also potent, dangerous motherfrickers. They can last years, lifetimes, reappear like a virus, inflict nefarious harm and cause all sorts of unpleasant melodrama, illness and upheaval in your equilibrium. Obsessions, intense loves, heartbreaks, resentments, someone’s awful day or their own needy, I’m-a-victim energy can attach itself like a vampire onto the neck of your good mood and suddenly you’ll feel like you just got run over by a bus made of thumbtacks and snail spit, and you have no idea why. You know that feeling? Of course you do.

Let us not go too far. I am not here to convince you such cords exist. I am not quite drunk enough for that. Really, it doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not because, like air, like black socks with sandals, like the proper deification of Obama, it just is. They just are. Let’s just go with it.

But it does lead, quite naturally, to that most wonderful and disturbing of cord-slinging, energy-wringing e-creations, known as Facebook.

From an energy perspective, Facebook is a goddamn cord-makin’ wonderland, a sort of psychic Grand Central, the place where psychic energy goes to jack itself back into the mainframe. It’s tens of millions of people peeking and poking and peering into the lives of those they know, those they want to know, those they like or love or hate or begrudge or secretly want to peel the pants from and lick like a popsicle in summer.

It’s a notion that struck me as I realized that nearly everyone who’s ever played a reasonably significant role in my life, both past and present, has since found and reconnected with me, initially via email through the digital reach of this very column over the years, but now far more actively and vividly through my Facebook profile (or, to a lesser extent, my Twitter feed). It’s sort of stunning, really.

Old girlfriends, lost loves, long-forgotten friends, high school sweethearts, band mates, roommates, old nemeses, lots of former cheerleaders turned born-again Christian megamoms, and everything in between. All those old connections, those lives and chapters and periods of my life I thought I’d left behind so cleanly, so decisively, way back when? Here they all are again, like a living scrapbook, constantly renewing and updating itself. What a thing.

It is, on one hand, a marvelous and magical invention. It is often fascinating and deeply touching to dip into those worlds, those lives again, a true gift to see what became of all those people, their joys and paths and prison sentences and odd tastes in haircuts and copious offspring (note to self: if I ever have children, do not use my child’s photo as my own personal profile pic. It’s just creepy).

But I also wonder: Do we fully understand just how powerful this tool is, and how strange? Do we know what we’re doing on a basic energetic level, with all this connecting and reconnecting, what sort of cords and swords and potential vampiric firestorms of energy we invite in when we invite in all those old (and new) faces and beings and memories? I do not think we do. I do not think we are all that prepared.

Of course, if you care in the slightest about any of this — or even if you don’t — there’s still a very obvious solution. You simply opt out, turn it all off, ignore Facebook and its ilk entirely and refuse to create an e-profile or list your email address anywhere and just close your eyes tight and pretend it’s not happening as the modern culture moves on without you. Easy enough.

But not for long. Generation Tweet will comprehend no such option. For them, social networking is already automatic and inborn and expected in every facet of modern life. To be under 30 right now and not to have multiple social accounts and active e-profiles is to be weird and outcast and isolated. It’s as foreign an idea for Generation Tweet as it would be for those of us hovering around Gen X to be without, say, Costco and Pearl Jam and $5 coffee drinks. It’s just who they are.

There is another vital tool they teach in energy workshops: protection. Grounding. How to hold your own space, how to clean yourself out, flush negative energy, make sure you’re aware of the swarms of dark and parasitic crap floating about your everyday world.

They teach you not only about the existence of cords and how recognize them when they latch onto you or when someone’s trying to stab into your space and drag you down, but even more importantly, how to sever, how to cut the cords you no longer need and that no longer serve — which, as it turns out, is often pretty much all of them.

Is there a Facebook tool for that yet, some sort of nifty, portable vampire alert/psychic cord-cutting device to keep yourself clear and open and cord-free, well-protected amid the wonderful/insane swarm of pokes and chats and friend feeds? I do not believe there is. Maybe I’ll write an iPhone app.(

Ungewollter Energieaustausch, eine Verbindung über das bloße Netz an Datenströmen? Einfach so über Facebook, Twitter, das Internet?

Ich weiß, dass es Etliche glauben. Und in der Theorie, wäre genau das möglich und ist es vlcht sogar?

Sehen wir uns an, was Michelle Belanger zu der Verbindung schreibt:

XXIII. Feeding Through Links

Once a link is forged with someone, you may use the link to feed from them at a distance. The deeper and stronger the link, the more efficiently you can draw energy through it. With most such connections, you do not even have to concentrate to draw forth from the person. To a certain extent, you are in constant contact with that person, and while the energy you gain from them passively is only minimal, a number of such connections with various people will help sustain you in times of need as well as prolong the time you can go between more active feedings.

If you choose to actively drain through a link, there are two good ways of doing so.

First, you can simply concentrate on pulling some of that person’s energy to you through the link. Center yourself. Focus on your connection to that person, then visualize the person clearly. Visualize yourself reaching out and touching them to feed then breathe in, drawing in energy as well as breath.

You may also extend yourself down through the link, initiating a deeper contact with their energy body as you do so. This is a more direct way of feeding from those you have subtle connections to, and it is also much more obvious to the person on the other end. As before, concentrate upon the person and get a clear image of them in your head. Then focus on extending your subtle senses to that person, much as you would if you chose to see through their eyes or perceive their emotional state.

When you are successfully focused on them, it will seem you are in two places at once. Part of you will be sitting or standing wherever your body is, and you will retain some awareness of these surroundings. Part of you will be focused entirely upon the other person and will feel as if it occupies the same space that they do, or is somehow enveloped around them. Once this has occurred, you may initiate a drain, pulling their energy in through your breath as you had done before.

The target of such a drain is likely to become aware of it at least on a semi-conscious level. They may suddenly find themselves thinking of you for no reason they can explain. They may smell your perfume or catch sight of you out of the corner of their eye. If they are asleep, they may see you enter their dreams. This is a lot like conscious dream-walking. The technique behind it is largely the same. Sensitive targets may actually perceive your presence, seeing you, ghost-like, hovering somewhere nearby.

Of all the things we can do, this has historically frightened people the most. It serves as the basis for all the myths and legends of demonic and vampiric nightly visitations. As such, it is the most revealing of our nature and it will quickly expose you to those it happens to. For this reason, this skill should be exercised cautiously and with great discretion.(

Das sollte Sie, wie auch mich nachdenklich machen. Obwohl, Sie wissen ja nicht, was ich kann. Wer weiß denn, in wie weit unsere Seelen schon verbunden sind? Durch das bloße Eintauchen in die Zeilen meines Geistes, die sich in Ihr Inneres einschleichen?

Nein, das ist wirklich ein Spiel der Mythologie, dass ich hier benutze. Aber die Wahrheit, die glauben Sie oder suchen sich eine Andere. Möglichkeiten sind immer unbegrenzt, nicht wahr?

Die Priester

Nun, gehen wir noch ein kleines Stück weiter dessen, was Sie glauben dürfen, wenn Sie es wollen. Michelle Belanger schreibt sogar über Priester unter Psi Vampiren. Lesen Sie selbst:

XXVII. Priests

Those of our number who are most disconnected from the physical side of the threshold have the greatest range of sensitivity and power at their disposal, but they suffer the greatest weaknesses. They are few in number and many have not survived the passing millennia as their disconnectedness from the flesh can often lead them to reside purely in spirit. The demands of the balance they struggle to maintain while in the flesh are extreme, and over the years, it has taken its toll. These individuals are our priests, and they often command the greatest respect for the level of awareness they can attain.

The priest’s physical body is inextricably linked to his psychical well-being. If his power begins to wane and he approaches need, his health will suffer, for he can no longer compensate for the lost energy center in his subtle body. Need, especially deep need, can be physically debilitating for one of this caste, and if left to go too long without feeding, they can be reduced to invalids, hollow shells of what they could be.

Priests are very sensitive to the changing cycles. Much of their power wanes during the day, then waxes full with the approach of night. They suffer the most under direct light and must take pains to avoid sunstroke. Their systems are sensitive to most complex foods, especially when in deep need. Of all our kind, their physical bodies are the most concretely affected by their spiritual state. Thus, they are the most likely of our number to be recognized for what they are for their nature manifests itself in very physical ways.

The priest requires a greater quantity and a finer quality of energy than any other of our number. He, more so than any other, is constantly pulling energy into himself. This occurs on an unconscious, instinctive level, and though it can be consciously dampened, it cannot be shut off completely. However, even this constant draw will not sustain the priest unless coupled with conscious feeding.

Priests are the only of our number that must feed deeply on a regular basis. This entails feeding from the energy at the very core of another rather than simply skimming energy from their surface. This is a draw which encompasses all of the energy centers at once, and can leave the partner burned (suffering extreme effects of energy loss) the next day.

Because they stand upon the threshold between matter and spirit, the priests have access to the greatest range of powers inherent in our kind. However, priests run the risk of being mentally or emotionally unstable because of the strain such power puts on their systems. They must develop strong egos and indomitable wills in order to bear up under the burden of their power, but this may lead them to become domineering, arrogant, and obsessed with control.

Moderation as well as control are the two rules a priest must live by. With great power comes great responsibility, and those of the priestly caste who do not understand or respect this doctrine will end up bringing harm to both themselves and others. A priest must feed carefully, always drawing away before feeling completely satisfied. He must never give in to the urge to pull all of his partner into himself, to devour for the sake of devouring. Priests hold the power of life and death, sanity and madness over their partners, and they must recognize this power and use it responsibly.

The priest’s way must ever be the way of balance. He must sacrifice satiation for the safety of the partner. He must accept physical weakness and pain in exchange for the ability to manipulate the subtle energies of all around him. He must accept the pull of his constant need in exchange for the ability to feed upon his partners in so profound a manner that he will come to grasp and understand their very essence. (


Ein weiteres Mal gebe ich Ihnen keine Antworten sondern rein die Spuren, denen Sie folgen dürfen. Ich finde, das reicht. Nicht wahr?

Noch eine andere Spur zum Erwachen:

Es ist eine Phase der kompletten emotionalen, körperlichen und geistigen Veränderungen. Es ist eine Zeit in der man feststellt dass man irgendwie anders ist. Das erwachen kann eine langsame Veränderung sein, oft aber auch ein heftiger stark emotional geprägter und schmerzvoller Prozess. Der Kampf um die Findung der eigenen Identität.

Sehr häufig wollen es die betroffenen Personen nicht wahr haben Ihre vampyrischen Natur, auf grund dessen verleugnen viele am Anfang ihre vampyrischen Natur. Und entwickeln einen Selbsthass auf sich bis hin zu einem Fremdhass auf die Personen die einen darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat. Was man ist, viele empfinden am Anfang Ihre vampyrischen Natur als negativ (Böse). Einige ziehen sich eine Zeit lang von Freunde bekannten Familie zurück um ihren neugewonnenen Gefühle zu verstehe beziehungsweise Ordnen es ist irgendwie eine Zeit des in sich gekehrt sein.(


Am Ende nur noch die Links:

Finden Sie genau das, was Sie gesucht haben, oder auch das Gegenteil. Genau das, überlasse ich dem Zufall. Und den Zufall, den schenke ich Ihnen.
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